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Raza Hashmi 

This Family Tree is launched by Raza Hashmi, any person of the family has a right to visit this site and can suggest any modification, improvement addition and extraction. Your feedback is important to me and you can send it through email:

Actually it is our sujhra but I have included the families who are connected to this shujrah through spouses or multiple marriages. My request to all visit it and check if you feel to make ammendments in that case email me


Description of Hashmi/Abbasi

It is very challenging to drive how we are Hashmi or Abbasi, I did some research on it and found very interesting results. Basically, we are the descendants of Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) through the reunion linage of Hazrat Ismael (PBUH) and Hijra.

Over the period and down the road the progeny drives its Khandan (Family symbolic name) Abbasid on their descent from Abbas ibn Abd al-Mut Talib (PBUH)(AD 566-652), one of the youngest uncles of the Prophet Muhammad by virtue of which descent, they regarded themselves as the legal heirs of the Prophet. Since Prophet had only daughter Fatima, according to Shia faith his linage continued through reunion of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima (daughter of Prophet) which are known as Sayed/Sadat/Syed.

Now the question arises how Hashmiat and Abbasid are related to each other I would say both are same. The only difference is the symbolic name chaged time to time, here is some research result on it and extracted from Wikipedia

“Hashemite, also called Hashmi, any of the Arab descendants, either direct or collateral, of the prophet Muhammad, from among whom came the family that created the 20th-century Hashemite dynasty. Muhammad himself was a member of the house of Hashim (Hashem), a subdivision of the Quraysh tribe.. The Abassids also found themselves at expectations with the Shia, many of whom had supported their war against the Umayyads, since the Abassids claimed legitimacy by their familial connection to Muhammed PBUH). Muhammad ibn 'Ali, a great-grandson of Abbas, began to campaign for the return of power to the family of the Prophet, the Hashimites, in Persia during the reign of Umar II, Muhammad ibn Ali."

Our Family tree touches Hazrat Abbas, born c. 565 CE, was one of the youngest sons of Abd al-Muttalib. His mother was Nutayla bint Janab of the Namir tribe.[2] After his father's death, he took over the Zamzam Well and the distributing of water to the pilgrims


How To Excess this Shujrah (Tetorial

Hashmitree fully compiles with the GEDCOM standard, which is internationally recognised formate for family tree creation.

The Hashmi tree have two important menu items "Chart" and "List" The Administator of the family tree will have choose the default individual for your familt tree, and it will be the chart of this default individual which will be visible to you.

The decendent chart shows the default person, and their children, grandchildren etc. You have the option to see any number of generations down you want to see and layout like Family Tree, individual or Famlies, you will see the information of the who died and will not be able to see the information of those who are still alive. Clicking on the name of anyone listed on any of the charts or list takes you to the page of that individual

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Hashmiat/Abbasi from Paniput

Sania Batool Hashmi

This picture was taken at Abbas House in Solon Ohio

Aleeha Batool Hashmi

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